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2. Building GUI Applications

What is this guide about

This guide is the second in the series 'How To Gambas 3'. The guide is aimed at people new to Gambas and programming and discusses the building of simple standalone GUI applications.

This pre-release 1 is a first public release of a still unfinished guide. Fact that it isn't finished yet, doesn't mean it can't prove useful to people new to programming in Gambas.
The guide will learn you the basics of making new GUI projects in the Gambas IDE. Drawing controls on forms and learn to code their events and run the program.

It will explain terminology common to programming and Gambas in specific. You will learn about user interaction, input and output of data, handling text and numeric data, localisation, the basics of loading and saving data to files and of handling images in your application. Besides that Gambas syntax and useful string, arithmetical and other functions are explained and demonstrated.

All is learned in a step by step approach,explaining each and every new detail, accompanied by code, screenshots and hands on practice in using the Gambas IDE, typing code, compiling and running code and see things work (or fail).

Often examples are approached in a manner that let's you stumble upon problems that gradually get solved. This will slowly get you acquainted with detecting problems , different manners of solving the same problem and a broader insight in the Gambas language in general.

At the end of pre-release 1 you should be capable of building very basic GUI applications, handling text and numbers, save and load files and images, working with menus and toolbars and have a basic understanding of concepts like Public, Private, methods, functions, objects, controls and such..

In the chapters still in development, things like printing data, drawing on a DrawArea, more complex saving and loading of data, form classes, modules, the Gambas IDE and it's possibilities, folder structures of projects, Gambas components and their function and maybe even more will be explained.

For now enjoy pre-release 1,

Willy Raets,
First Pre-release: September 29th 2013


- First 11 chapters pre-released.

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