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1. Installing Gambas

What is this guide about

This guide is the first of I hope many to follow, to get people familiar with the programming languages Gambas. It is a great language and easy to learn, use and get quick results. Ideal to make your own applications.

But, to use Gambas you will first  need to install Gambas.

I've done my best to show and explain, step by step, the different ways of installing Gambas for as many distributions as possible. It took me many evenings of installing distributions in Virtual Machines and next install Gambas, screenshot, uninstall Gambas and this for 4 different installation methods and on all these distributions.

You can imagine how every new release of Gambas (3.1.1 when we started the guide) drove me mad, as I had to redo all installations and screenshots. So in the end, I have installed Gambas 3.1.1 up to 3.4.2 many times over and on many different Linux distributions.

I must say it was an interesting voyage that learned me a lot about distributions I had never experienced before and about differences in problems when installing on these distributions, on trouble shooting installations and much more.

So, I really hope you will benefit as well of all the efforts done and manage to get Gambas installed on your system.

Enjoy the guide and the actual installion of Gambas 3,

Willy Raets,
First release: November 10th, 2012
Current release: September 17th, 2013


- frontpage image updated from Gambas 3.3.4 to 3.4.2
- updated most installation instructions and screenshots to Gambas 3.4.2 (or 3.4.1)
- new chapter on GambOS as a new option to get Gambas installed
- new appendix added on Gambas Learning an extra aid in learning Gambas


- frontpage image updated from Gambas 3.3.3 to 3.3.4
- svn install updated to new Gambas subversion repository
- svn Gambas dependencies for Debian Wheezy updated to Gambas 3.3.4
- most installations from unofficial repositories updated to Gambas 3.3.4
- New paragraph in chapter 'Problems when installing Gambas'


- more textual corrections
- few extra footnotes

- some textual corrections
- some illustrations now at the proper place
- new appendix added

- first release

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