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How To Gambas3 Guides - How this got started

How To Gambas 3
Somewhere in 2009 I finally decided to install Linux on one of my systems. After my first initial exploring of the operating systems, the provided applications and more a new world opened up to me.

I soon discovered the stability and power of Linux and moreover the power of an open source community. So, after exploring Linux for a while, I felt like programming. Since most of my previous and current work involved programming client interfaces for databases in VB, I went looking for a good alternative on the Linux platform.

And then I found Gambas (at that time in version 2) and loved it right from the start. Its ease of use and its logic in syntax surprised me, captured me and never let me go. Since that day all my coding that is not job related is done in Gambas. (Meanwhile Gambas has been introduced at my job and is being used there as well.)

For me, as a professional application developer, finding my way in Gambas wasn't always that easy. The documentation is very basic and explains the syntax of the language with few or no examples. There are some guides out there, but they are scare. Nevertheless I managed, because of my years of experience with programming.

It is not hard to see how a new programmer might find it difficult to understand how Gambas and Linux work together, which will prompt them to leave disappointed and frustrated.

Back in the old days, about every computer had a programming language built-in and a manual delivered along with it. A lot of young people in those days learned programming this way and Gambas is an excellent tool to do just that on a Linux platform.

As it is based on BASIC (Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), a language many learned in the eighties all by themselves, it is the perfect tool for a beginner to learn programming.

Although a lot has changed since Basic saw the light, it still is the same language, but much more powerful because of Gambas provides a rich environment to make event driven GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications. It's possible to build easy GUI applications doing simple things in no time.

And that is what this series is looking for. People new to programming and wanting to learn the skills. That is what will be covered in a simple manner, so any newbie can learn. Every part of the series will cover a specific topic. And in time you will have all the basic skills to build your own Gambas 3 applications in Linux.


Willy Raets,
Main Author

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