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Welcome to HowTo Gambas

In an effort to promote the beauty, ease and power of Gambas3 a few projects where started aiming at:

1. Project GambOS: Easy available distribution for beginning developers with Gambas3 development environment pre installed;
2. Project HowToGambas3: As set of good guides to learn develop applications with Gambas3;
3. Project Gambas3 ShowCase: Show off what can be done with Gambas3.

Project 'HowToGambas3' aims at point 2, a series of guides for learning Gambas3 application development

Gambas3 Official logo
Back in the old days, about every computer had a programming language and manual delivered along with it.
A lot of young people in those days learned programming this way and Gambas is an excellent tool to do just that on a Linux platform.

As it is based on BASIC (Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), a language many in the eighties learned themselves, it is perfect for a beginner to learn programming.
Although a lot has changed since Basic saw birth, it still is the same language, but much more powerful because of Gambas providing an environment to make event driven GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications. It's possible to build easy GUI applications doing simple things in no time.

And that is what this series aims at. People new programming and wanting to learn the skills.
So that is what will be covered in a simple manner, so any newbie can learn. Every part of the series will cover a specific topic.

Gambas Learning
To easily distribute the HowToGambas guides and keep those using them informed on new development of guides an application named GambasLearning has been developed.
Besides easy access to the latest version of each guide, the application contains easy access to:

- Gambas code snippets
- Gambas language index
- Gambas component index
- Gambas error messages